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Get Your Growing License and Grow 99 Marijuana Plants in Orange County

Obtaining a California Growers License With the proper permits, cultivate 99 cannabis plants in California! Grow your own cannabis to make your treatment easier. Obtain a grower’s permit now to have access to 99 plants.

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How To Get A Grower’s License In Orange County

Are you prepared to cultivate your own medicine in your home? Get a license to grow marijuana right away to get started!

Apply Online

Fill out a prequalification form to register. Enter your information to make an appointment for a consultation.

Complete Your Consultation

The state-licensed doctor will get in touch with you by call or video conferencing at your planned times to see if you’re eligible or not.

Receive your Growers License

The same day the doctor authorizes your application, you will get an email with your Grower’s license.
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Why Is It Necessary To Grow Your Own Marijuana?

A cannabis patient’s daily need is access to the correct dosage of marijuana. They frequently require frequent replenishments and top-shelf marijuana to improve.

Meeting such demands takes a lot of time, money, and effort. And a grower’s license offers everything. A grower’s license will let you ensure hassle-free daily delivery of your medication.

You can have unlimited access to marijuana medication with the CalCannabis Cultivation licensing authorization, as well as control over the quality of the herb and an infinite supply of the drug. Grow marijuana to simplify your life.

You may cultivate your medication with a grower’s license, which also gives you access to the following advantages:

  • Total independence from variations in the marijuana supply.
  • A permanent supply of the necessary amount of cannabis.
  • Possibility of growing acceptable Indica and Sativa strains.
  • Elimination of the requirement to purchase it outside the house

Why Is A Grower’s License Required?

A grower’s license, which functions like a green card, enables the patient to cultivate their medication or marijuana at home. Some people cannot effectively manage their health with the six mature and 12 immature marijuana plants that are the state’s legal maximum. A California marijuana cultivation permit becomes necessary in this situation. With a grower’s license, the patient is allowed to grow up to 99 plants for personal use. You have the opportunity to grow the proper quantity of Indica and Sativa plants, thanks to it.

  • It gives you the chance to produce an appropriate number of Indica and Sativa plants.
  •  Total independence from variations in marijuana availability.
  • A permanent supply of the necessary amount of cannabis.
  • It does away with the need to shop outside of the house.
  • Possession of 99 marijuana plants for growing.

Start cultivating your medicine right away!

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Benefits of Obtaining a California Cannabis Cultivation License!

A grower’s license gives a patient the following advantages in addition to permitting them to produce marijuana.


Get the legal authorization to grow Cannabis for an endless herb supply to save money.

Legal Security

A grower’s license permits you to cultivate your marijuana while protecting you from legal issues.

Easy Experimentation

Any marijuana strain may be quickly grown and modified to produce the desired effects.


Because it will be accessible whenever it suits you, you won’t have to worry about making regular excursions to the state dispensaries to top off your prescription supply.

Quality Assurance

Cannabis is grown on your land, so you don’t need to worry about the purity of the medicine. You will have control over the sort, nature, and standard of the object you want.

Higher Growing Limits

Increase the number of marijuana plants you can grow at home to 99.

Our Pricing Plan

The Annual California Cannabis Cultivation License costs at the below-mentioned price.

Grower Recommendation + Medical Card


Delivery at Your Doorstep

Within 15 minutes, you’ll receive your MMJ recommendation from doctors in PDF format at the email address you provided.
Online or on-call 24/7 verification of the letter of endorsement

Recommendation valid for one year

Up to 99 plants may be grown legally, and 8 ounces or more of marijuana may be in your hands.

What Requirements Exist for a Cannabis Grower’s License?

A California Medical Marijuana Card is a requirement for obtaining a grower’s license. It would help if you first got a prescription from a registered physician; the physician will assess your health and the necessity for access to medicinal marijuana treatment. You will receive a medical marijuana card when the doctor has approved your health condition and obtained a written referral. You are allowed to possess and produce cannabis in California after receiving the recommendation.

The qualifying requirements for obtaining a medical marijuana card and a growers license are believed to be the health conditions approved by a medical cannabis doctor and the list of qualifying conditions approved by the state authorities.

However, by California’s Medical Marijuana Program, a person must be 18 years of age or older and have one of the listed incapacitating medical conditions to get a doctor’s recommendation.

California Medical Cannabis Grower’s License Laws

Your cannabis growing licence permits you to produce marijuana in California if you so want.

  • Cultivate marijuana in a specified location.
  • Grow marijuana according to established production guidelines.
  • Grow it in a confined space that is hidden from the front.

A qualifying patient or their primary caregivers may carry no more than eight ounces of dried cannabis, and they may grow no more than six mature or twelve immature cannabis plants at home, according to the health and safety code section 11362.22, which also permits for possession.

A qualifying patient or their primary caregivers may possess as much cannabis as is necessary to fulfill their needs if a doctor certifies that the amount that is expressly permitted is insufficient to meet their needs.

Therefore, the only way to obtain more cannabis than what the state has set limitations on is to get a license to grow 99 plants.

Essential Documents To Obtain a Grower’s License in California

  • Evidence of authorization to work from the local jurisdiction.
  • Proof that you are the rightful owner of the land where you wish to cultivate.
  • Provided fingerprints for a background check to the DOJ.
  • Never been convicted of a crime involving violence, drugs, deception, or any other crime.

Punishments For Violating The Cannabis Grower’s Laws!

  • Growing more than six plants is considered a minor infraction for anyone under the age of 21 who are 18 years old, and breaking the law can result in a fine of up to $100.
  • The growth rule violation is a misdemeanor for those over 21 and carries a $500 fine or six months in county prison.
  • However, those with a criminal history or who have broken specific environmental regulations while cultivating will face felony prosecution.

This was most last updated in June 2021, and if the violation guidelines change, we’ll let you know.

Difference Between Recreational Cannabis and Medical Cannabis

Difference Between Recreational Marijuana and Medical Marijuana

Get Your Cannabis Grower’s License from the Best Doctors in California

Our tremendously hard-working staff and the team of state-licensed doctors are committed to providing only the best and genuine services online. With the help of our online services, you may apply online and receive the suggestion after a brief examination. We are a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform that aims to give you access to medical advice from the convenience of your home.

Why Do You Need To Grow Your Own Cannabis?

I’ll go right to the point: Cannabis is a need for medical marijuana patients daily. And to achieve that, they unquestionably require consistent replenishments of high-quality cannabis to receive superior care.

It is undoubtedly a continual endeavor that costs a fair bit of time and money to get everything as desired and needed. In this situation, a grower’s license is your only hope. It relieves you of all these problems and guarantees that you will receive your meds each day. You may monitor the herb’s quality while having an endless supply to cure the medical condition properly. We can thus infer that a grower’s permit enables a patient to cultivate marijuana at home.

Overall excellent services! Simple to follow a method and the efforts are greatly appreciated – Thank you, MMJ Orange County doctor.
I found it challenging to manually apply for a Medical Marijuana Card since I was afraid of face-to-face communication. However, MMJ Doctor Orange County’s online services are just fantastic. Very much appreciated and advised!
The online services offered by MMJ Doctor Orange County are much appreciated. I never anticipated receiving my card so fast. Thank you, Orange County MMJ Doctor.
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Essential To Note!!

  • The state’s marijuana laws and policies may be relaxed locally, and this will depend on the county.
  • A marijuana plant is regarded as mature when it has reached the blooming stage.
  • Immature cannabis plants are those that are still in the vegetative stage or earlier.

About California’s Cannabis Legalization

California has always lent a helping hand to the legalization of marijuana. After Proposition 215—commonly referred to as the Compassionate Use Act in 1996—was passed, California was one of the first states to welcome cannabis use and possession. This law made cannabis usage legal.

However, it took around ten years for Proposition 64 to the Adult Use of Marijuana Act to pass before the state legalized cannabis for recreational use.

Why MMJ Doctor Orange County?

A Quick and convenient way to address your health issues!
By selecting MMJ Doctor Orange County’s legal online services, you put your faith in the service providers who have worked hard for years to offer you legal assistance from the convenience of your home. But if you choose the services of MMJ Doctor Orange County, you may get the following extra advantages for just $199.
Here is what you will get along with your California Growers license in just $199:

  • 24 X 7 Verification and support
  • An instant PDF copy of grower’s license through email
  • Access to Cannabis
  • Access to all dispensaries
  • The hard copy delivered to your doorstep
  • Grow up to 99 cannabis plants
  • Legal protections

Additional Benefits!

Quick Process

Your farmers will receive licenses in only three easy procedures. Therefore, manual operations are not necessary.

Certified Medical Doctors

Finding doctors who can provide recommendations is difficult. Our group of board-certified physicians can provide examinations and requests for medical marijuana.

HIPAA Compliant

Do not be concerned about your personal information because the online platform has been created to adhere to all HIPAA regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions!

1. How much marijuana can be cultivated with a medical marijuana card?
A patient with a medicinal marijuana card is allowed to grow up to six mature plants or twelve young plants.
2. Does a grower's license make a difference?
In the cannabis possession scenario, a California grower’s license makes a significant impact. A grower’s license in California permits the patient to cultivate up to 99 marijuana plants at their house, as opposed to just 12 immature or six mature plants.
3. What is a Cultivation License to grow 99 plants in California?
Similar to the grower’s license but not strictly a business, a California Cultivation license allows you to cultivate 99 plants in California. It is still a personal license for medicinal marijuana users to produce cannabis according to their needs.
4. Do I still need a medical referral now that marijuana use for recreational purposes is legal in California?

Yes! Because medicinal marijuana patients who have a doctor’s recommendation can possess or grow more marijuana than people who use it for recreational purposes. The most pleasing thing is that you need a medical doctor’s permission to get marijuana if you are under 21. Therefore, a medical marijuana card is essential to obtain all the privileges.

5. How do the patients acquire medical marijuana recommendations?
You must first realize that medical professionals suggest medicinal marijuana rather than prescribing it. Additionally, you have the option of getting therapeutic marijuana recommendations from doctors offline or online.

You may rely on online telemedicine platforms to link you with state-licensed medical professionals and receive treatments from the comfort of your home, as offline processes are undoubtedly time-consuming and challenging.

So get in touch with MMJ Doctor Orange County right immediately to obtain advice on how to deal with problems without stress.

6. How does an individual acquire medical marijuana?
A medical marijuana card is a stand-alone document that enables someone to obtain medical marijuana.

A medicinal marijuana card is straightforward to obtain and only requires three steps. And you may complete the entire procedure in the comfort of your home. All you have to do is fill out an application for a medical marijuana card on the MMJ Doctor Orange County website, then follow the instructions. Once you take the first step, our experts will walk you through the procedure and deliver a medical card to your door.

7. How much does a cultivation licence in California cost?

A cannabis license in California is so inexpensive with MMJ Doctor Orange County that you may quickly obtain one without even burning a hole in your wallet. You may cultivate 99 plants for $199 with the help of MMJ Doctor Orange County’s California cultivation license.

8. Do I need to go through some complicated procedures to obtain a California marijuana growing license?
Okay, no! A complex, time-consuming process must be followed to get a cannabis cultivation license. Without leaving your sofa, you may receive medical marijuana growing support from the comfort of your home.
Sending your card to your house just requires that you complete a three-step process.
9. Does medicinal marijuana growers license enough to access all the rights to grow medical marijuana at home?
Yes, you may cultivate 99 plants home with a medical marijuana grower’s license, which is sufficient. But just as the right gives you the legal authorizations, it may also revoke your privileges if you don’t adhere to the regulations governing medical marijuana growing licenses.
10. What are the punishments for violating the cannabis grower's laws?
Laws governing cannabis cultivation can be broken at a high cost. You will be charged with the sanctions listed below if you violate any of your country’s laws governing cannabis cultivators.

  • Growing more than six plants is considered a minor infraction for anyone under the age of 21 who are 18 years old, and breaking the law can result in a fine of up to $100.
  • The growth rule violation is a misdemeanor for those over 21 and carries a $500 fine or six months in county prison.
  • However, those with a criminal history or who have broken specific environmental regulations while cultivating will face felony prosecution.

This was most last updated in June 2021, and if the violation guidelines change, we’ll let you know.

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